Cinco de Julho Apartment presents the City of Rio de Janeiro


About the city of Rio de Janeiro:

Country: Brazil
Founded: 1565
Area: 1264.296 km ²
Neighborhoods: 159
Population: 6,136,652 (2006)
Density: 5,190.5 inhab. / Km ²
Altitude: 0 to 380 meters
Climate: tropical, hot and humid
Average annual temperature: 24 ° C
Average annual rainfall: 98 mm
Electric current: 110 volts
Official language: Portuguese
Phone Area Code City: 21


The Marvelous City

The climate of the city of Rio de Janeiro undergoes local variations due to differences in altitude, vegetation and proximity to the ocean. Its annual temperature average is 24 º C. During the winter, average is around 22 º C. During the summer, from December to February, daily average is around 26° C, reaching 38 ° C, and then it is followed by heavy rains and fast in the late afternoon.


The Rio de Janeiro is also known as the Marvelous City, and who is born in Rio is called carioca. In 2012, the urban landscape of the city was considered World Heritage by UNESCO. It is a major economic centers, cultural and financial of the country, and is internationally known for many cultural icons and landscapes such as the Sugar Loaf, the Corcovado Mountain by the Christ, the Redeemer statue, the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra Tijuca (among others), the Maracanã Stadium, the Teatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro, the National Library, the forests of Tijuca and Pedra Branca, the island of Paqueta, Copacabana New Year's Eve, the Rio carnival, Bossa Nova and samba.

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