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Aterro do Flamengo

The Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Park is the largest leisure area of Rio de Janeiro. It was built on successive landfills in Guanabara Bay. The park stretches from Santos-Dumont Airport, in the city center, to the beginning of Praia de Botafogo, South zone Among the elements of the complex include: the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the Monument to dead of World War II, the Marina da Gloria, the Monument to Estacio de Sa, an expressway, areas set aside for sports, a restaurant and two beaches (the Gloria and Flamengo).


The first works grounding the region date back to the early twentieth century, when they were built the Avenida Beira-Mar, Paris Square and the Avenida da Praia do Flamengo. The gradual dismantling of the Morro do Castelo provided material for new landfills in the central region, as the Santos-Dumont Airport. In the 1950s, with the rocks of the dismantling of Morro de Santo Antonio, has started construction of a rockfill that began at the Ponta do Calabouço till the Morro da Viúva.


In its current configuration, the park opened in 1965, with 1 200 000 square meters.


During the 2016 Summer Olympics, the park will serve as host to athletics, and road cycling events.


Outeiro da Glória

The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Glory was canonically instituted October 10, 1739, the year in which they completed the construction of the temple in Outeiro of Glory, formerly named "Morro do Leripe" or "Uruçumirim" which showed up on the abrupt precipice.


With whitewashed walls, framed by granite stones, is one of the first churches with polygonal Brazilian colonial Baroque style. The temple is adorned with painted tiles, including the nave, main chapel, side aisles, chancel and vestry. After his arrival in Rio de Janeiro in 1808, the Portuguese royal family took special predilection for "Igrejinha da Glória".


Restaurant (Suggestions)

Churrascaria Majorica - Steak House

R. Sen. Vergueiro, 11 - Flamengo, map    Phone: 21 2205-6820
Open: Mon-Thu 12am/12pm Fri, Sat 12am/0:30am, Sun 12am/11pm
Comments: "Food: Excellent -Service: Very Good. Best Sliced Rump of Rio de Janeiro, and it is probably the best steakhouse in town!"

by bus: 570 Leblon (Via Copacabana), or any bus you find "Largo do Machado" written at the front.
by Metro: exit on Largo do machado Station.

Site: Majorica



Churrascaria Porcão Rio's - Steak House

Av. Infante Dom Henrique, s/n, Parque do Flamengo, map    Phone: 21 3389-8989
Open: Mon-Thu 12am/12pm Fri, Sat 12am/0:30am, Sun 12am/11pm
Comments: "Best Porcão view in Rio, right on the bay. Great service, friendly environment. Selection is wide. Price is high: R$102/person all you can eat (plus drink and 10%)."
How much money to bring?: more than R$120

Site: Porcão Rio's



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