Corcovado, view from Sugar Loaf

The Corcovado is one of the hills of the city of Rio de Janeiro, famous in Brazil and around the world for its Christ the Redeemer, statue of 38 meters tall.


Christ the Redeemer is one of the main symbols of the country and offers a privileged view of the city of Rio de Janeiro. In 2003, the works of installation of elevators and escalators were completed. Before, you had to climb 220 steps to enjoy the scenery. On July 7, 2007, the statue of Christ the Redeemer was elected in a vote of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The poll was sponsored by the ONU, however, without having an official character.


The Corcovado Mountain has 710 meters high and is located in Tijuca National Park. The Corcovado is located west of the city center, but still can be seen from very long distances.



The peak of the Corcovado and the statue of Christ the Redeemer can be reached through a pedestrian access route, the highway opened in the 1930s in the neighborhood of Silvestre or through two train cars in lower electric railway in the world, only 3824 meters long. It was inaugurated by D. Pedro II, with steam traction, Oct. 9, 1884, which took on electric traction in 1912.


Station Corcovado, in Cosme Velho, you can catch trains that run every half hour and twenty minutes to lead through the forest and reach the top.


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