Ipanema Sunset

Although the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon are one long beach, the postos (posts) along them subdivide the beach into areas as diverse as the city itself. Posto 9, right off Rua Vinícius de Moraes, is Garota de Ipanema, which is where Rio's most lithe and tanned bodies tend to migrate. In front of Rua Farme de Amoedo the beach is known as Bolsa de Valores or Crystal Palace (this is the gay section). Arpoador, between Ipanema and Copacabana, is Rio’s most popular surf spot.


The two beaches are separated by a narrow canal that visitors can cross to go back and forth between the two locations. The neighbouring Leblon Beach is equally as picturesque, although it tends to be a bit more tranquil and less busy than Ipanema. The Leblon neighbourhood is even more exclusive and expensive than Ipanema. At the end of the day it gets covered in the shade from the big peaks Dois Irmãos.


Our suggestion: Arpoador Sunset, during some time around midsummer it is possible, from Arpoador, to see the sun setting over the sea, a rare event on the generally eastward-facing Brazilian coast. In these occasions crowds gather around the place and cheer when the sun disappears.




Parque do Penhasco Dois Irmãos - Alto Leblon
Two Brothers Hills Park
Ipanema, Leblon and Lagoa View - Alto Leblon
Ipanema, Leblon and Lagoa View
Parque do Penhasco Dois Irmãos - Alto Leblon
Arpoador - Praia do Diabo
Ipanema Beach - View from Arpoador
Ipanema Beach - View from Arpoador


Bars and Restaurants (suggestions)


Botequim Informal

R. Barão da Torre 348  map Phone:  21 2247-6712/2247-8854
Site:  Botequim Informal
Open: Everyday from 12h
Comments:  Popular "boteco" just by the Park N.S de Paz, the crowd mingles with the line to the posh nightclub Baronetti. Street vendors make sure that cheap beer and lethally unhealthy hotdogs is available.
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$80


Bar Devassa

R. Prudente de Moraes 416   map Phone: 2522-0627
Site: Devassa
Open:  Everyday from 17h
Comments: Modern style "boteco" with chique crowd that sell beer of their own make, located on the corner of Farme de Amoedo. This type of bars in Rio is becoming increasingly more popular.
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$80


Bar Garota de Ipanema

R. Vinícius de Moraes, 49, Ipanema   map Phone:  21 2523-3787
Open: Everyday from 12am to 2am
Comments:  The bar where garota de ipanema was written



R. Maria Quitéria 37   map Phone:  21 3813-2526
Open: Everyday from 20h
Comments: Rockbar with DJ and small dancefloor, big crowd on weekends. This place have been popular a long time and probably will continue to be, open until late on weekends when you also have some working girls there (because of the high gringo rate?). One of the more famous bars in Rio de Janeiro.
How much money to bring?:  R$30-R$100


Bar Lagoa
Av. Epitácio Pessoa 1674   mapPhone:  2287-1112/2523-1468
Site: Bar Lagoa
Open: Mon 18h/2h Tue-Sun 12h/2h
Comments: Art Deco designed bar who opened it´s doors in the 1930´s, heavy German food is the speciality. Located on the lake, perfect for some sausage and potato salad in the early evening.
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$70


R. José Linhares 85, Leblon map Phone: 2294-3549
Site: Bracarense

Open: Mon-Sat 7h/00h Sun 9h/22h
Comments: Famous small "boteco" with reputedly good shrimp pastries, good for the afternoon after a sunny day. Good bars in Rio are like this, cold beer, loud conversations and good snack food.
How much money to bring?:  R$20-R$50



Rua Ataulfo de Paiva 1166-B, Leblon map Phone: 2274-0547

Open: Fri-Sat 9h/5h, Sun-Thu 9h/4h
Comments: A popular hang out for after beach or late nights. Close to Pizzaria Guanabara.
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$100

Academia da Cachaça
R. Conde Bernadotte 26, Leblon map Phone: 2239-1542

Site: Academia da Cachaça
Open: Everyday 12h/2h
Comments: Bar specialized in the local booze cachaça and the different fruit drinks caipifrutas and caipirinhas.
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$80


Bar d´Hotel
Av. Delfim Moreira 696, Leblon  map Phone:  2540-4990
Open: Mon-Wed, Sun 18h/1h, Thu-Sat 18h/2h
Comments: A typical hotel bar located in Hotel Marina All Suítes. Posh. Of all the bars in Rio de Janeiro this one probably has the highest celebrity rate.
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$100

Bar da Praia
R. João Lira 5, Leblon map Phone: 2540-5212
Open: Mon-Thu, Sun 20h/00:30h Fri, Sat 18h/3h
Comments: A beach styled bar where the rich young bohemia wannabes hang out. A DJ plays House (actually one of a few bars in Rio de Janeiro that play Dance music).
How much money to bring?:  R$40-R$80



Nightclubs (suggestions)


Studio RJ 

Av. Vieira Souto 110, Ipanema map Phone: 21 8212-3883 


Branch of the famous Studio SP, the house of Youssef partners Ale and Pliny Prophet has become a point where you can hear carioca quality music and meet new national talents. Facing the Ipanema beach and the Astor bar, the place is home to 300 people. After the shows, there are parties on the weekends and after-beach on Sundays during the summer.




Rua Rita Ludolf 47, Leblon map Phone 2249-9309


It is utterly Leblon: sleek, chic, and oh so fashionable, just like the toned and tanned crowd that turns up to work up a glow on the dance floor. The musical selection—ranging from samba-rock to hiphop—is courtesy of a rotating handful of DJs. Creative dishes are served in the candlelit downstairs lounge.




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