Jardim Botânico

Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

The Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful and well preserved green areas of the city, is an example of the diversity of flora and foreign. In it can be observed about 6500 species (some endangered) distributed over an area of 54 hectares, outdoors and in greenhouses.


Its origin dates back to the transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil between 1808 and 1821. The court set up in the city of Rio de Janeiro, since 1763 seat of state of Brazil, a Portuguese colony, and now raised to the condition of the seat of the Portuguese empire, giving him several opportunities and improvements. Among these there is the deployment of a gunpowder factory at the headquarters of the former "Engenho Lagoa", owned by Rodrigo de Freitas, whose ruins the walls currently form the boundaries of the institution.




By Royal Decree of 13 June 1808, the Prince Regent Dom João de Bragança (the future King Dom João VI), on behalf of his incapacitated mother - the Queen Dona Maria I -, "Order to take possession of the mill and the land called Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas ", to create the space that acclimatization Garden, in order to acclimate the plants of spices originating from the East Indies: nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper kingdom. In the same year, on October 11, was named Royal Garden.


With the proclamation of the Brazilian republic (1889), the following year (1890), it became known as the Botanical Gardens. From then it receive many illustrious guests like Albert Einstein (May 1925) and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (November 1968), among others, becoming the postcard city.


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Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

The lake is a very popular recreation area, allowing the practice of various sports such as rowing and water skiing, and cycling because it has a 7.5 kilometers long bike lane in its margin.

It is a mostly residential neighborhood. There is not a strong facilities commerce, as in the neighboring districts of Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana. Most commercial establishments are restaurants, kiosks and other restaurants on the waterfront and in the internal streets.


Bars and Restaurants (suggestions)

Jardim Botânico

Couve Flor

R. Pacheco Leão, 724 - Jardim Botânico map Phone: 21 2239-2191 ‎

Site: Couve Flor

Comments: "Great self-service restaurant to those who enjoy healthy food. Great value, great taste. "


Filé de Ouro

R. Jardim Botânico, 731 map Phone: 21 2259-2396 ‎


Comments: "In terms of taste, "Filé de Ouro" is the best restaurant in Rio de Janeiro when it comes to filet mignon."


Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas


Avenida Borges de Medeiros - 1.424 , Lagoa, map Phone: 21 2249-8762 ‎

Site: Lagoon

Comments: "The cariocas won a new center of gastronomy, sport, leisure, culture and entertainment in one place: The Lagoon. Located in one of the most beautiful postcards of Rio de Janeiro. "


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