Arcos da Lapa
Carnival at Arco da Lapa. (Arquivo Fundição Progresso)

Escadaria Selarón
Escadaria Selarón (Donmatas)

The neighborhood of Lapa is known as the "cradle" of bohemia carioca. The Lapa is also famous for its architecture, beginning with the Carioca Aqueduct, its main reference and postcard. It was built to function as aqueduct in the times of Colonial Brazil, and since 1896, serves as a way for the tram that connects the city center to the neighborhood of Santa Teresa.


Lapa is now absolute reference point for lovers of nightlife. One of the striking features of the neighborhood is the absolute harmony with living the most diverse musical clans. Since the 1950s, when it began to be called "Montmartre Carioca", Lapa is home against intellectuals, artists, politicians, and especially the people of Rio, that there gathers to celebrate the samba, forró, popular Brazilian "Choro" music, and more recently, electronic music and rock. In recent years, the region has established itself as the second largest destination of foreign tourists in the city, behind only the neighborhood de Copacabana.


Better way to go is to take the Metro: exit on Cinelandia Station.


Santa Tereza

The neighborhood of Santa Teresa emerged from the convent of the same name, in the eighteenth century. It was originally inhabited by the upper class of the time, one of the first expansions outside of the city core initial settlement in the city center. It has a unique location, high on a ridge between the South and Central zones, which promotes a privileged view of these areas. So with the surrounding neighborhoods Catete and Glory, is known for historical buildings of the nineteenth century, and elegant mansions built until the 40s. There were then several houses and mansions inspired by French architecture of the era, many of whom are still alive today.


In 1872, the tram would appear that became the symbol of the neighborhood, up the streets of Joaquim Murtinho and Almirante Alexandrino. But with the tragic accident with the tram on August 27, 2011 the state government, responsible for the operation of the tram, decided to temporarily paralyze their movement until they modernize the system services.


Better way to go is to take a taxi. The tram is still not working


Bars and Restaurants (suggestions)


Rio Scenarium

R. do Lavrádio, 20 map Phone: 21 3147-9000 ‎

Site: rioscenarium.com.br

Comments:"I was at the 2010 Rio Scenarium. I have loved the place, even without entering. The building in Lapa is dated to the nineteenth century, in the old historic center of Rio de Janeiro. " - trivago.com.br


Santo Scenarium

R. do Lavrádio, 36 map Phone: 21 3147-9007


Comments:"The ambiance of Rio Scenarium and Lapa in general Our concierge recommended we go here and it was well worth our time. Beautiful people dancing to live ..." - tripadvisor.in


Carioca da Gema

Av. Mem de Sá, 79 map Phone: 21 2221-0043 ‎

Site: barcariocadagema.com.br

Comments: "I shall take turns between this place and Rio Scenarium, although I like to dance and here exists a beautiful hall. Congrats."- barcariocadagema.com.br


Lapa 40º Sinuca e Gafieira

Rua Riachuelo, 97 map Phone: 21 3970-1338

Site: lapa40graus.com.br‎


Santa Tereza

Bar do Mineiro

R. Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99 map Phone: 21 2221-9227


Comments: "The Bar do Mineiro, founded in 1992, was minimally decorated with handicrafts and photographs of great personalities, the typical townhouse with arched doorways and walls tiled houses one of the most popular bars and beloved of the city."


Adega do Pimenta

Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 296 map Phone: 21 2242-4530

Site: Adega do Pimenta

Comments: "German Food! The German Feijoada is sensational. Snacks are very delicious beer and half and half is done to perfection."



Rua Aprazivel 62, map Phone: 21 2508-9174


Comments:"The restaurant has a beautiful view, the structure is all wood, rustic style, and there are some trees that were preserved. Stay in contact with nature and refined touch. The grilled octopus was elected by our folks as the best dish."


Bar dos Descasados

Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 660 map Phone: 21 3380-0240

Site: Hotel Santa Tereza

Comments: "The Bar dos Descasados is actually the lounge of the Hotel Santa Teresa. Located under the arches of what was, centuries ago, a slave house slave, the place is ancient and modern, refined and rustic at the same time."


Goya Beira

Largo das Neves, 13 map Phone: 21 2232-5751


Comments: "Great place off the beaten path in Santa Teresa. It faces a small square (Largo das Neves), away from the crowds of Largo dos Guimarães. Very relaxed atmosphere, usually with some jazzy background music."




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