Because the natural development process of the city of Rio de Janeiro driven by major events that will occur in the city in the next years, it has been created an Urban Operation Project, named "Porto Maravilha". This project comes to revitalize the Port Region increasing the tourism attractiveness and creating a dynamic economic area.

Port Region has the presence of large land (ancient courtyards deposit of merchandise) or empty sheds idle, and the combination of these two elements creates an ideal environment to be renovated and revitalized. The historic value, the presence of the sea, bays or rivers and the renovation tendency together provide the conditions for development of these areas.

The "Porto Maravilha" project also performs actions for the recovery of the historical heritage of the region, a great cultural impact, as the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro (Mar), at Praça Maua, and the Museum of Tomorrow, at Pier Maua will give new face to entry port.

The Port of Rio de Janeiro covers the coastlines of the center and the neighborhoods of Gamboa, Saude, Santo Cristo and Caju.





Museu do Amanha (Museum of Tomorrow)

Rua Praça Mauá map  Phone: (21)2516 8332 / 9669 2444
Site: MuseudoAmanha


Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro - MAR (Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro)

Rua Praça Mauá map  Phone: (21)2516 8332 / 9669 2444
Site: MAR


Centro Cultural Cidade do Samba (Cultural Center of City of Samba)

Rua Rivadávia Correia - Gamboa  map  Phone: (21)2213-2546 / 2213-2503
Site: CidadedoSamba



Night Clubs (suggestions)


Cabaret Kalesa

Rua Sacadura Cabral n° 61 - Praça Mauá map  Phone: (21)2516 8332 / 9669 2444
Site: CabaretKalesa


The Week (GLS)
Rua Sacadura Cabral, 154 - Saúde map Phone: (21)2253 102
Site: TheWeek




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