1. Copacabana
  2. "The most famous beach in the world is in the most democratic neighborhood in the city. Simplicity is mixed to sophistication. Take a moment inside a boteco (local bars) to taste our snacks, to have a “cafezinho”, or to talk to a local person. You will be nicely surprised how people love to talk 'a bit'".
  3. Corcovado
  4. "No doubts, it is like an aerial view. You understand the unique city geography, and why Rio became so famous ".
  5. Pão de Açucar
  6. "My favorite view from Rio de Janeiro. You are surrounded by the bay, the sea and 360 degrees of fantastic landscapes. The hill is not so high than Corcovado, so you are closer to the city. Observe how small the Guanabara Bay entry is if you compare with its huge size".
  7. Arpoador /Ipanema
  8. "From Arpoador, surfing point which has a perfect sunset view, to Posto 9, where Rio's most lithe and tanned youth tend to be. Ipanema is a charming and fancy place".
  9. Lapa
  10. "After 6 pm, this is the place to go, Bars and 'Gafieiras' (Dancing Clubs) at Lapa. Amazing 'Carioca' Night Life ".
  11. Jardim Botânico
  12. "The Botanical Gardens has about 6500 species (some endangered), and it is one of the most beautiful and well preserved green areas of the city. Make the tour of Lagoa if you have time, there are many small bars and restaurants".
  13. Downtown
  14. "Since 1763, when the city of Rio de Janeiro was elevated to the status of capital of the colony, until 1960, when the city lost the condition of the Brazilian capital to Brasilia, the center was the scene of some of the most important decisions and events the country's history. Architectural remains of this past persist today, having become in important tourist attractions".
  15. Floresta da Tijuca
  16. "The Rio de Janeiro has the largest urban and heterogeneous forest in the world planted by the hand of man. This is the result of a reforestation promoted at the time of the Second Empire, when it became clear that the deforestation caused by coffee plantations, was hurting the supply drinking water then capital of the Empire.".
  17. Prainha
  18. "It is far away from Copacabana, but you deserve to see a paradise. Better during week days, it is very crowded during weekends. The way to arrive there is through Barra da Tijuca, and there is a very large beach with a beautiful road all the way long".
  19. Aterro do Flamengo
  20. "Built on successive landfills in Guanabara Bay, the park stretches from Santos-Dumont Airport, in the city center, to the beginning of Praia de Botafogo, South zone Among the elements of the complex include: the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the Monument to dead of World War II, the Marina da Gloria, the Monument to Estacio de Sa, an expressway, areas set aside for sports, a restaurant and two beaches (Gloria and Flamengo)".


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